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BOMA Oakland/East Bay in partnership with BOMA San Francisco offers coursework toward obtaining a RPA® designation and for professionals needing a refresher course in the various aspects of building management. Professional designation programs are developed and regularly updated by the Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI).

What is the RPA®?

The RPA® (Real Property Administrator) designation program positions property managers for success by providing insight into and knowledge of operating a commercial building. You’ll gain a full understanding of the diverse aspects of property management involved in analyzing a building in its entirety. The program will teach you to maximize a building’s net income while minimizing risks, thereby enhancing your standing in the industry and positioning you for long-term success.

What will I learn?

In the RPA® program, you’ll learn how to enhance the value of the asset through proper and strategic decision-making. Components of this program include design, operation, and maintenance of an office building. You will become fully versed in budgeting and accounting for commercial real estate, risk management, and best practices in bidding. This program also covers reviewing and selecting contract providers, marketing and leasing the building, and operating the asset from an owner’s perspective through a comprehensive asset management component.

2022 Bay Area RPA Courses
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  November 10, 2022 - Ethics Is Good Business - Sign Up Today l

BOMI eCampus Learning
Advantages Of eCampus Learning
24/7 access, allowing for a convenient and efficient learning environment
Career advancement opportunities through networking
Direct access to expert instructors via e-mail
Instant real-world application
Resourceful videos to improve your knowledge

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The Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP™) designation is designed for early-career property professionals, with 1-5 years of experience, who are looking to validate their industry knowledge and take their careers in commercial real estate to the next level.

As the only certification of its kind in the industry, the CMCP™ instantly communicates your ability to be an effective commercial property manager, as well as your strong understanding of the responsibilities of the role.

Earning the CMCP™ certification is the first step in building a successful career in commercial real estate.

CMCP™ Advantages:

  • Offers recognition early in one’s career
  • Validates foundational knowledge in key areas of property management
  • Evaluates readiness for additional training, responsibilities, and career advancement
  • Quickly assists employers with on-boarding new property managers, assessing industry knowledge, and evaluating career potential
  • Backed by BOMA and BOMI Certification, Inc. - the leaders in commercial real estate education and training

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Four-year degree and 1 year of property management experience, or
  • Two-year degree and 2 years of property management experience, or
  • No degree and 4 years of property management experience, and
  • 30 hours of verifiable education in commercial property management

For a quick introduction to the certification program and to find out how you can stand out, please watch this short video

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