Now more than ever, state and local legislatures and regulatory agencies are poised to impact the commercial real estate industry. Increasingly, "hot" issues often take root in numerous legislatures simultaneously. State and local trends, whether motivated by public officials or private interests, play a larger role in advocacy programs across a wide spectrum of organizations. 

BOMA Oakland/East Bay in concert with BOMA International and BOMA California’s advocacy teams works to protect commercial real estate interests before state and local governments.  Membership in BOMA Oakland/East Bay places you on the cutting edge of local, state and national policy. Legislative, code and regulatory scrutiny help prevent costly initiatives from adversely affecting your property.


BOMA Oakland/East Bay is represented by the Government and Industry Affairs Division of BOMA International in Washington D.C.  They educate members of Congress on the implications of new laws and regulations.  They effectively bring issues of concern to light with aggressive “grassroots” lobbying.     

2024 Federal Issues Briefs
 HR 1491 Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act 
 HR 1477 Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow's Workforce Act
 HR 2621 Honoring Vocational Education Act



California State

BOMA Oakland/East Bay retains a legislative consultant through BOMA California to represent our interests at the State Legislature. Our presence is intense throughout the Legislative Session. During the interim, BOMA meets with the elected leadership to ensure that impacting legislation reflects the thinking of our industry. Codes and Regulations affecting the maintenance and operation of our members’ buildings are monitored to ensure that they are reasonable and cash-effective.

BOMA Cal 2023 Legislative/Regulatory Summary


City, County and State government leaders are very familiar with BOMA and its members and rely on BOMA’s input regarding proposals under consideration. This can prove to be effective in many areas that impact your bottom line.