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    What's the Buzz with Bringing Bees to Buildings.

    BOMA Philadelphia and aleveole has teamed up to for a webinar Wednesday 15th September at  8:00 AM PDT.  They've been gracious to offer the webinar to BOMA Oakland East Bay.   There will be a virtual hive visit at our project with the Wanamaker Building  and there is also an option to submit questions beforehand that will be answered during the webinar.  Urban rooftop beehives allow you to earn (4) BOMA 360 points. 

    • Date: 9/11/2020

    No on 15 New Ads

    Thank you for your support to defeat Proposition 15 – the largest property tax increase in California history. Election Day is in sight, and thanks to your support we have launched our first in a series of ads that show the truth about Proposition 15 — that every Californian will pay for the $11.5 billion tax hike. 

    • Date: 9/8/2020
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    Diversity & Inclusion: Getting Rid of the BS

    In her no-holds-barred style, renowned diversity and inclusion thought leader Risha Grant will share her perspectives as a woman of color and her prescriptions as a diversity expert. She'll share truths about unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and other actions that perpetuate discrimination and inequality. And she'll offer some practical advice for finding respect, understanding and inclusion.  Thank you to Metcon, TI for your generous support of this event.    

    • Date: 9/1/2020

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