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    Business Groups Join Together for Retail Theft Initiative

    Several business groups including BOMA California, California Business Properties Association, California Business Roundtable, and more have come together for the Retail Theft Initiative. The initiative will address the growing issue of retail theft, organized retail crime, and tackle the scourge of fentanyl. It also aims to encourage the Legislature to finally address some of the issues that it can through statutory action which it has been unable to do through the last two legislative sessions.  Additionally, this issue aims to fix issues with Prop. 47.

    • Date: 2/12/2024
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    Deployment of CHP Officers to Fight Oakland Crime

    Building on community and public safety investments in the East Bay, Governor Newsom is deploying 120 California Highway Patrol officers to Oakland and the surrounding area to conduct a targeted law enforcement surge operation to crack down on crime.

    • Date: 2/7/2024
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    2024 TOBY BOMA Oakland/East Bay Award Winners

    BOMA International's Outstanding Building of the Year, otherwise known as TOBY, is the most prestigious and comprehensive program of its kind in the commercial real estate industry, recognizing quality in office buildings and rewarding excellence in office building management. Congratulations to BOMA OEB's 2024 winners – 1111 Broadway and California Plaza.    The TOBY competition begins here at the local BOMA level.  Our winning entries from each category will advance to the regional level, and, finally, regional winners advance to the international level. The International TOBY Awards will be presented at the BOMA International Conference & Expo, at the TOBY Awards Banquet in Philadelphia in July.

    • Date: 2/5/2024

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