Membership in BOMA Oakland/East Bay is vital to your professional success and your company’s well-being. As the industry’s number one business solutions provider and support network, BOMA Oakland/East Bay provides a tremendous return on your dues dollar investment. Meeting your peers, expanding your knowledge through access to the best tools in the commercial real estate industry and enhancing your management skills are the first steps to grooming your most valuable resource…Yourself.

  • As a BOMA member you become an influencer in a $4.6 trillion market place that is twenty percent of the gross domestic product of the United States. Commercial real estate is a far reaching industry. Get involved to see how BOMA represents your interest and open the door to tremendous personal and professional possibility.
  • As a BOMA member you acquire the techniques and strategies to succeed with BOMA’s groundbreaking education, award winning publications and up-to-date information on the top commercial real estate issues, trends, statistics and news. BOMA offers you complete resources so you stay ahead of the competition.
  • As a BOMA member you gain access to an extended group of commercial real estate professionals with similar interests and concerns who become your allies instead of your competitors. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of highly skilled BOMA professionals who are your partners in resolving the most pressing challenges that you face every day.

We can help you excel as a commercial real estate professional by:
Advocacy - Protecting and advancing your industry profession, and career through government relations.
Education – Keeping you connected to commercial real estate issues, trends, news and more to assist you in showing your employer your value.
Networking - Providing you with a network of colleagues and friends to support you in attaining your career goals.
Community Service - Providing ways for you and your colleagues to support the local community.
Leadership - Making you a stronger leader through program offerings and opportunities for engagement.
Return on Investment - For more information on how BOMA can increase your ROIclick here.

There are two membership types: Principal and Associate (each includes 2 affiliates). One is designated as the Primary member. A portion of the dues is paid through to BOMA International and BOMA California. The Primary will be reported as this member.