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2024 Education & Learning  

Market Update 2024 - CRE Lending | Office | Industrial | Retail | Life Science  

2023 Education & Learning  

State of the Market 2023 -  Bob Ferraro Slides & Outlook Chart  Tammy Choy Slides  

BID BOMA Luncheon;  February 2023   Table Note Recap

Backpack to Briefcase: Professional Development February 2023  Michelle Lane Slides Tanicia Jackson Slides

Strategic Advisory Council Meeting: Planning Oakland Downtown  PG&E Slide deck   City of Oakland Slide deck

Managing a Life Science Property | April 25, 2023  Handout

Reading Between the Lines: Understanding, Identifying & Addressing Implicit Bias | May 11, 2023 | Slide Deck 

Environment, Social and Governance for CRE| July 13, 2023 | 
Slide Deck  | BOMI ESG Online Course

Innovations in Building Engineering| September 14, 2023 | 3D Printing Slide DeckMERV 13 Slide Deck
 | Electricifcation Slide Deck

CRE Landscape: Federal, State & Local Update | October 12, 2023 | Federal Update | State Update | Local Update

​Backpack to Briefcase COI's & Property Management | October 18, 2023 | COI & PM Slide Deck

2022 Education & Learning  

Looking Forward;  2022 CRE Market Update -  Bob Ferraro Slides  Tammy Choy Slides  Peter Conte Links   
CREATE & Workforce Development - Recording
May Luncheon: Building a Community of Equity and Inclusivity  Slide Deck  Table Discussion Key Learning
June Luncheon:  Water Wise: Saving at the Building Level  Bob Eagle CC Water Presentation    Charles Bohlig EBMUD Presentation 
September Luncheon:  Are you Prepared?   Brentt Blaser ALCO Presentation  AC Alert Handout   AC Earthquake Preparedness AC Emergency Water 
Webinar: Violent Intruder: Preparation & Planning   Recording  Matt Harris Presentation

2021 Education & Learning  

2021 CRE Market Update -  Recording
Moratorium & Legal Remedies - Recording  PPT Presentation
Implementing CAL/OSHA Emergency Updates - Recording PPT Presentation
Social Media Branding - Recording PPT Presentation
Collaborated Comeback Plan: Latest in Janitorial, Security, Operational, HVAC, HR/Team Mgmt - Recording PPT Presentation
Tech in CRE  Recording   PPT Presentations
DEI & CRE  Recording
Drop the Ball: Do More of What Matters Recording

Re-Opening Your Building Resources

Fireside Chats:
BOMA OEB Fireside Chat:  Getting Back to Work: Legal Implications - Recorded 
BOMA OEB Fireside Chat;  Getting Back to Work:  Building Systems - Recorded
BOMA OEB Fireside Chat: Getting Back to Work: Janitorial Issues - Reocorded

BOMA OEB Fireside Chat: Getting Back to Work: 
Security Issues -- Recorded 

BOMA OEB Fireside Chat:  Getting Back to Work Recording
BOMA International: 
Getting Back to Work: 
Preparing Your Buildings for Re-Entry Amid COVID-19
National Institute of Building Sciences Webinar:  Handout  and Watch

TOBY 2020 Awards Program 

Bay Area BOMA Webinar -  Recording

Wellness Wednesday Series  with Jeff Hurt and Dee O'Neill

Performing Under Pressure-  Recording
Going Full Frontal to Develop Successful Leaders -  Recording
Women Face a Second Layer of Pressure -  Recording  - PowerPoint 
Fostering Conversational Cocktails: Develop Trust and Purpose - 10/7/2020 - Recording  - PowerPoint

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Get Rid of the BS with Risha Grant
Get Rid of the BS -  That's BS: How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Culture and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets Book by Risha Grant

Talent Management:  Becky Lunders
Hiring in a Virtual Environment -  Recording
Managing Your Talent in a Virtual Environment  -  Recording
Virtual Relationships - Slide Deck

Cooking/Happy Hour Events

CHOPPED Board Challenge - Recording

2020 Annual Meeting & Election
BOMA OEB's 2020 Annual Meeting - Recording 

2023 Education & Learning  


Partner Resources:

Platinum Partners:

Gidel & Kocal Construction Co: GC Best Practices
Kastle Systems General Info

Gold Partners:
ABM general info
Allied Universal:  General Info
Century Commercial Service: General Info
Legacy Mechanical & Energy Services: 
General Info
Metcon TI: General Info
Pro Guard:  General Info

Silver Partners: 
SavATree: General Info
BSM Facility Services:  General Info
CBRE:  General Info
Gachina: General Info
Securitas Security Services:  Covid-19 Screening
WCI-GC  - General Info

Bronze Partners:
Metro Services: 
General Info

Newmark: General Info
Northern California NECA;  General Info
Paramount Properties:  General Info 
Petalon Landscape: General Info
PJMB Commercial:  General Info
RiverRock Real Estate Group:  General Info
Restoration Management Company: General Info
Security 101: General Info