Waste Reduction in Office Moves

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Moving an office is a big endeavor that typically results in a lot of waste much of which can be avoided with a few key steps. First, reduce what is actually moved by recycling all unneeded documents and donating unneeded office supplies and furniture. This will reduce the size of the move, saving money and GHG emissions. Then, skip the cardboard box and stretch wrap by taking advantage of companies that offer reusable packing crates to eliminate that waste. There are several outfits in the Bay Area that rent sturdy packing crates designed to last for hundreds of uses. The company drops off the crates before you move and picks them up afterward, cleaning them before providing them to the next customer. A list of companies that provide reusable moving crate services can be found at www.UseReusables.com/resources (see Office Move Equipment and Service Providers section).
-        Eliminates cardboard and stretch wrap waste
-        Eliminates heavy lifting
-        Provides greater protection of contents
-        Increase moving truck capacity, reducing trips and GHG emissions
-        Cost competitive with traditional moving services
This Green Tip was submitted by Rachel Balsley, memberof the BOMA OEB Environment Committee.