More In-Person Work Trending According to New Survey

According to the latest Return to Office survey, there is a decline in remote work and an uptick in in-person work, consistent with the most recent round of the survey in September 2023, which is a promising indication that this is the new trend for the Bay Area.
According to the Bay Area Council, since November 2022, the number of employees working zero days in an office dropped by more than half, from 23% to 10%, and employers said they expect the number to drop to 9% in the next six months. This is on track with the survey results for September 2023, in which respondents stated that 88% of employees were coming into the office at least one day per week. The data for frequency of in-person work for September and November 2023 are a marked shift from even just May of this year, and are promising not just because of the numbers themselves, but because of the consistency across the last two most recent rounds of the survey. And with nearly 90% of employers reporting that they have fully implemented their long-term in-person and remote work policies, this may be the promising new trend for the Bay Area.

See the full results here.


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