New FPPC Regulations Adopted to Implement SB 1439

Repost from the California Business Properties Association - Last Thursday, the FPPC adopted a slate of regulations to implement SB 1439. The regulations go into effect 30 days after the FPPC submits them to the Secretary of State – the FPPC will indicate the effective date on their website.

 The FPPC created a dedicated web page for all SB 1439 information, including the new regulations and advice issued beginning in 2023. Bookmark this page and visit it for updated information.
You may also subscribe to FPPC emails – you can select just the box for the monthly advice letter report, or any other category of interest to you.

About Senate Bill 1439

SB 1439, signed into law in 2022, requires the recusal of any local elected official if they have received a contribution of more than $250 from anyone seeking a discretionary decision, and also imposes a limit of $250 while the proceeding is pending and for 12 months after the final decision.  
A coalition of associations joined forces to legally challenge the constitutionality of the law, and in May, the Sacramento Superior Court Judge overseeing the case released a tentative ruling rejecting the arguments in the AB 1439 lawsuit. CBPA members are disappointed in the ruling as we believe this law limits our member's speech and ability to engage in vitally important local elections. 


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