AB 1395: Greenhouse Gas Reduction

BOMA California has sent an alert on AB 1395.  This bill is would require a 95% reduction in California's greenhouse gas emissions goal, but has no realistic framework on how it can be achieved.  This means a goal will be adopted and then state agencies will be given the power to regulate the way you operate your buildings, what materials you use for construction, how often you have to replace HVAC systems, how often and how many trucks can deliver to you

AB 1395 mandates the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to establish new climate goals to achieve 90% emission reductions by 2045, leading to massive reductions in new housing construction, agriculture production, energy, transportation, and all manufacturingThis is an extraordinarily aggressive goal that would require large-scale transformation of California's entire economy.


We oppose AB 1395 for the following reasons:


• Just five years ago, this Legislature passed SB 32 which sets a 40% GHG emission reduction below 1990 target by 2030. The state is in its first 8 months of implementing this new target and adding a new and more drastic target now is premature.


• It is estimated to cost Californians $4 trillion dollars over the next 25 years.


• It is a regressive mandate that will hit those at the lower end of the income spectrum the hardest. AB 1395 would cost every household in California $5,600 to $10,700 annually.


• It makes building housing more expensive by a minimum of $50,000 per home.


• It makes building and leasing commercial real estate more expensive for all employers and will push operational and energy costs higher for small businesses.


• Risk hundreds of thousands of California jobs and could lead to companies moving to other states or countries causing emission leakage.


• Threatens the role technology can play in reducing emissions, which contradicts scientific findings.


• CARB is currently, via the scoping plan, assessing how the state will meet the current goal, as well as a 2045 carbon neutrality goal. This work should be completed prior to the authorization of a new goal.


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