Civil Unrest and the 2020 Election Season

An extraordinary year holds the unfortunate potential to become even more challenging as a
string of competing crises in the United States threatens to coalesce around the 2020 election.
Political instability–intensified by the convergence of an economic recession, social turmoil,
and the historic COVID-19 pandemic–has led to predictions of sustained civil unrest and
possible violence. 
While the commercial real estate sector is accustomed to preparing for a
variety of emergencies, the current landscape calls for heightened vigilance and preparations to
minimize potential disruptions and protect the safety of individuals and properties.
Property professionals have been dealing with an onslaught of challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic produced
an overwhelming public health emergency that continues to dramatically affect the work environment; the
national economy--spurred by the pandemic--plunged into recession, with devastating ramifications for
employment and occupancy rates; and the country's long-standing struggle with issues of racial injustice
erupted into a massive social and protest movement.  Be sure to download it today.


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