Call to Action: Oppose SB1103

BOMA Cal is looking for help to stop SB1103.   Here is the link to the summary page on it.  It is expected to be heard on July 2 in the Assembly.  Take a minute and read more and email the local Assembly person.
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan – San Ramon
(916) 319-2016

Dear Assemblymember  __________________,

Senate Bill 1103 (Menjivar) would disrupt the commercial leasing landscape by imposing requirements detrimental to both property owners and the small businesses and nonprofits this bill aims to protect. The bill fails to address fundamental issues previously highlighted by the commercial real estate coalition and introduces additional complexities that could adversely impact the commercial real estate market and the small businesses the bill aims to protect:

  • Redundant Lease Notifications: Imposes unnecessary lease notification standards, disrupting business operations.
  • Limits on Cost Recovery: Restricts property owners from recouping essential operating costs.
  • Flawed Tenant Definition: Protects businesses based on employee count, favoring larger companies.
  • Self-Certification Issues: Risks misuse without independent verification, echoing COVID-19 challenges.
  • Burdensome Protocols: 30-day and 90-day notices add complications to property management.
  • Misaligned Regulations: Applies residential rules to commercial leases, disregarding unique commercial dynamics.
  • Overextended Protections: Extends protections to all tenants, neglecting small property owners. 

SB 1103 threatens the operational flexibility and financial viability of property owners and small businesses in California. We urge you to vote no on SB 1103.


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