Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) Program Launched

The Uptown/Downtown Oakland CBDs are happy to share the below information about the newly formed MACRO program. This city-wide initiative is one that has already proven its ability to provide meaningful support to those in need on our streets. We also see this as a valuable resource for our stakeholders, who often wonder what more they can do to help our community members experiencing homelessness or a mental health crisis in our downtown. Below is the contact information for the MACRO team, and details about the services they provide. Please review and share with your team so they, too, can become force multipliers for the MACRO team by giving real-time alerts to situations they are experiencing. 
What is MACRO?
The Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) Program is a community response program for non-violent, non-emergency 911 calls. The purpose of MACRO is to meet the needs of the community with a compassionate care first-response model grounded in empathy, service, and community. MACRO's goal is to reduce responses by police, resulting in fewer arrests and negative interactions, and increased access to community-based services and resources for impacted individuals and families, most especially for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). See below for information on how to make contact with MACRO.
[CALL: 911] 
The Oakland Fire Department's MACRO program responds to a variety of calls seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Residents are asked to call 911 to get a MACRO unit to respond, and in an effort to aid the dispatcher, the caller can stress that the situation appears to be non-violent and that a MACRO unit is desired.
MACRO teams will respond to calls about homelessness, some behavioral or mental health calls, noise complaints, and people being drunk (and nonviolent) in public.
MACRO units do not respond inside anyone's home, a domestic violence call, or anything that appears dangerous or violent.
Residents are asked not to call 211, 311, or the non-emergency fire department number to get a MACRO response at this time. 
Please spread the word to the public and business owners that they can now request a MACRO response via direct email.  MACRO teams will respond to requests for service for homelessness, some behavioral or mental health concerns, noise complaints, and people appearing drunk (and nonviolent) in public. A complete list of MACRO Incident types is listed below. When emailing MACRO please use the template provided:
  • Email 
  • Subject: "Request for Service” or “Follow Up” @ Address/Location + Call/Incident Type"
  • Body: Description of the Incident, any relevant history, and if possible, a picture.  
DISCLAIMER: MACRO requests for service are for low acuity quality of life concerns and are NON-EMERGENT and NON-VIOLENT. If an immediate emergency response is required, please call 911. MACRO units do not respond inside anyone's home, a domestic violence call, or anything that appears dangerous or violent.


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