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Assembly Bill 1000 Fails to Move Beyond Committee

Assembly Bill 1000 (Reyes; D-Colton), a de facto ban on warehouses, was heard by the Assembly Local Government Committee yesterday, where it failed to receive the required votes to pass through the committee.   The bill ultimately received two aye votes and one no vote, with five committee members abstaining from the vote. Without sufficient votes to pass through committee, AB 1000 failed. The Committee Chair granted reconsideration making AB 1000 a two year bill, so while it has been defeated for the time-being, it's likely to resurface.   




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Take the AC Transit Realign Survey

AC Transit is reviewing and updating where, when, and how buses move throughout our service area. They are launching a top-to-bottom analysis of the system because travel patterns have not only changed in the wake of the pandemic, but they also face significant budget challenges. As a result, they will gather data and community input in the coming months to plan a new bus service network with the goal of better serving their riders. 


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A New Normal Doesn't Raise All Boats Equally

We can add another set of abbreviations to our lexicon. A newly released report from CBRE talks of HHBs—hardest-hit buildings—those most severely impacted by the pandemic and those left with the longest road to re-occupancy. Of course, as recent BOMA research shows, property owners and managers are aware of changes accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and are taking steps to correct drivers of slow-to-recover assets.


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Court Throws Out City's Ban on Natural Gas

The rush to electrification through natural gas bans has hit a stumbling block, as a federal appeals court on Monday struck down the city of Berkeley’s ordinance. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the California Restaurant Association, which argued the ordinance preempted federal energy regulations that give the U.S. government authority to set energy-efficiency standards for appliances. The decision was unanimous, but the three judges’ opinions left plenty of room for further consideration, and the ruling is expected to be appealed. 


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Cognitive Diversity—Understanding Different Thinking Styles

BOMA is excited to host Lei Comerford, Executive Coach and Master Facilitator as she shares practicable key takeaways on how to be more efficient and effective when working with others!   This interactive virtual workshop will help you to improve your self-awareness, develop your ability to pick up on social cues, discover your most dominant traits, and recognize the unique styles of others using the "Hermann's Whole Brain Model."




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Transit Safety Concerns Reach a New Peak in Latest Return to Office Survey

With Bay Area transit operators facing the daunting reality of hitting a “fiscal cliff” as early as 2025, which would substantially reduce or suspend transit service, the future of public transportation in the Bay Area is dependent on getting people out of cars and into trains, buses, and ferries. What we now know from two years of collecting data from the Bay Area Council Return to Office poll is that, if we are able to provide a safer and cleaner environment on transit, we can bring people back and save local transit agencies from an untimely death. Concerns about crime have figured prominently in a monthly return to office survey the Council has been conducting to understand commuter trends and the reason why ridership on BART and other local transit systems has been so slow to recover since the pandemic.


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Learn About the New Income Expense IQ Report

BOMA International has partnered with IREM and NAA to bring you better benchmarking insights than ever before. Gone is the traditional EER report, to be replaced by the Income Expense IQ (I/E IQ) report.   Income/Expense IQ provides you with nationwide, real-time property benchmarks—giving you actionable insights to identify opportunities and optimize financial performance. Download benchmarks in one, five, ten, or all metro areas to pinpoint opportunities to enable you to operate more efficiently and drive value for your owners and tenants.


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BOMA Pacific Southwest Conference Scholarship

BOMA PSW have a scholarship available for emerging professionals to attend the BOMA International Conference & Expo. Click here to view eligibility requirements and application instructions. Apply by April 14.


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CIty of Oakland: Permanent Parklet

City of Oakland has published new guidelines for the City's new permanent parklet program that will take effect on July 1, 2023, with the goal of continuing to support small businesses in utilizing Oakland's right-of-way, while balancing the needs of all Oaklanders. The new guidelines include requirements to increase pedestrian and bicyclist visibility and safety, conform with fire department guidelines, and improve accessibility for people with disabilities.


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