The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY)

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award is the most prestigious and comprehensive program in the commercial real estate industry recognizing quality in buildings and rewarding excellence in building management.

Established by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, The Outstanding Building of the Year “TOBY" Award was developed in 1985 to honor and recognize the quality in office building operations and award excellence in office building management. During the competition, all facets of a building's operations are thoroughly evaluated. Buildings are judged on everything from community involvement and site management to environmental and "green" policies and procedures.

The BOMA Oakland/East Bay TOBY Awards celebrate our great properties here in the East Bay. After a win at the local level, buildings move on to the Pacific Southwest Region to compete against other buildings for the coveted honor of moving on to International.

Toby Requirements:

  1. Property must have a BOMA 360 Designation to competeClick here for BOMA 360 application. 
  2. Review TOBY Entry Requirements to ensure prerequisites met, anda  select category in which to compete.
    1. Office Requirements 
    2. Earth Requirements 
    3. Industrial Requirements 
    4. Mixed Use Requirements 
    5. Renovated Requirements 
  3. Click here for Building Inspection Form. 
  4. Click here for TOBY Verification Form
  5. Click here for TOBY Verification Form Earth. 


Registration Information:

Register online on the BOMA Oakland/East Bay website.   In our online system, you can pay the $475 entrance fee, which includes $425 to local BOMA plus the $50 admin fee for the online portal registration to BOMA International.   Register by October 28, 2022  The 2022 TOBY Competition Portal opens 11/1/2023 and closes 12/8/2023 for you to submit your application. 

Please direct competition registration questions to BOMA Oakland East Bay, Julie Taylor for assistance.  Please direct competition questions to Kelly Lynch, BOMA OEB.

Pricing: $475 per property

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2023 Toby Categories

Under 100,000 Square Feet
100,000–249,000 Square Feet
250,000–499,000 Square Feet
500,000–1 Million Square Feet
Over 1 Million Square Feet
Suburban Office Park: Low Rise (1-5 stories)
Suburban Office Park: Mid-Rise (6-10 stories)
Corporate Facility
Earth Building
Historical Building
Industrial Office Building
Medical Office Building
Renovated Building

Is Your Building TOBY Ready? Sign up for a coaching session.

The Awards volunteers will schedule experienced TOBY judges to tour the property. This one-on-one coaching will offer suggestions, provide helpful insight and answer questions to assist you and your management team in preparing for the TOBY competition. There is no commitment required to schedule a session or to attend a TOBY workshop. Schedule your date today!

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