The advancement of skills or expertise to succeed in a particular profession, especially through continued education; Refers to the skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement.

Designation - [dez-ig-ney-shuhn] - the act of designating (to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify)

Educational Programming is just one of the many benefits offered to BOMA Oakland/East Bay Members. Designations and Certificates ensure that property and facility professionals have the critical knowledge and skills needed for personal and organizational success. Surveys have shown that individuals with a designation and/or certificate are not only more likely to receive higher consideration for a position, but can also earn a higher salary. They have already proven their skill set to employers.

Benefits to You: Our consistent, high-quality educational programs add significant value to the industry by increasing teamwork, efficiency, client satisfaction, cost savings, and safety. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Graduates are more confident and able to take on additional job responsibilities, increasing productivity and reducing cost per employee
  2. Decrease maintenance expenses by 1% to over 10%*
  3. Increase bottom-line results and the pace at which business goals are reached*
  4. Better position the organization for success and gain recognition *
  5. Increase your earning potential by enhancing career opportunities and prestige
  6. Gain undergraduate credit from top colleges and universities by completing BOMI International courses
  7. Earn LEED continuing education credits with an approved USGBC Education Provider

* Results from an internal 2009 survey of graduates and a 2010 survey of corporate clients.

Download: BOMI's Real Property And Facilities Management Administrator Requirements